Hi guys thank you for following this blog! Although it seems inactive, I’m trying to be active once again! Please do leave some messages and tell me what you think or any thing. Have a great day!

I like your blog. it sets off memories. I miss my boyfriend and I'm not into reading books a lot but when I saw your blog I just had to read every quotes.


Thank you! I hope it does bring you good memories with your loved one

"She didn’t want to be spiteful; she only wanted to signify by this refusal that the great matters of nations cannot make us forget the modest matters of the heart;"

"Yes, it’s crazy. Love is either crazy or it’s nothing at all."

"what is most beautiful about dreams is the unlikely encounter of creatures and objects that couldn’t possibly meet in everyday life;"

"It was an Edenic state: the body could be fully body and had no need to hide itself with a fig leaf, they were plunged into the limitless space of a calm time; they lived together like Adam and Eve before they bit the apple of the tree of knowledge; they lived in their bodies beyond good and evil; and not only that: in paradise there is no distinction between beauty and ugliness, so that all the things the body is made of were neither ugly nor beautiful but only delightful; even through toothless, the gums were delightful, the breast was delightful, the navel was delightful, the little bottom was delightful, the intestines-whose performance was closely overseen-were delightful, the standing hairs on the grotesque skull were delightful."

"And because this time the body was greatly (and to its great surprise) satisfied, the soul very quickly forgot its ambition of a university career and (as a reasonable soul always must) rushed to the body’s aid: it gladly agreed with the engineer’s ideas and went along with his cheerful heedlessness and charming irresponsibility."